March 10, 2014

Dear Friends,

Today marks the end of a chapter and the continuation of another.

For over three years, we’ve been absorbing repeated increases in ShenTrition’s cost of goods. During this time, we’ve been feverishly hunting for solutions…yet, to no avail. As a final attempt, we visited the largest industry conference, Natural Products Expo West, over the weekend. Our mission was to find a way to continue providing an outstanding product.

We set out to Anaheim looking for options and the consensus is that there are 3 paths for ShenTrition to move forward:

  1. Reformulate the product to use more of the less expensive ingredients. In our minds, this is simply not an option. We seek to provide an effective product that people feel after taking the first time. Lesser formulas are already available in the marketplace.
  2. Increase the retail price to $65+. Considering the thunderous appreciation we receive from customers and practitioners for staying competitive with other products, this seems like a losing proposition. Plus, if we made this move the ShenTrition business would have to be rebuilt from scratch.
  3. Scale up and become our own manufacturing facility. Currently, we contract that step of the business to a very large facility that produces some of the top products in the market. We benefit from their experience and savvy. If we took this direction, we’d need investors and additional staff.


After weighing all of the options, our choice is to go with option #4, to say farewell to ShenTrition. It is a wonderful product that’s been loved by thousands of people, however, the business is no longer viable for us to continue moving forward.  As painful as it is, we are ready to move forward onto our next adventure.

So, please join us tonight in lighting a candle in remembrance of the superior health support ShenTrition provided for so many people, including ourselves. We thank you for being a part of the ShenTrition Family. We wish you continued health and well being!


Now, before lamenting about Stephen and Erica’s future, consulting and coaching work is our true passion! It has been for over a decade. We are still coaching and finishing the book, Shen Life, which will be available soon.

In the interim, we are going to offer an online coaching seminar. So, let’s stay in touch.

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Curious about Shen Life or the coaching we offer?

Here are two testimonies from participants of the Coaching Programs. These will give you have an idea what its all about. They are truly inspiring. Check them out!


Back on the 13th of November 2011, I had the opportunity to reconnect with two people that dramatically changed the course of my life…We started out with some basic awareness tools and set some visions. Then, my life began to take on a totally new direction…

What I love about the Shen Life approach is that it covers everything and it works holistically. As Stephen says, “the human organism, that is the body and its parts—the mental, emotional and sensational—is a reality generating organism…


Again, to keep in touch about the Shen Life Programs, please let us know!

Thank you again for your support and patronage of ShenTrition. It’s been awesome! We hope you keep in touch!!!

To continued health and well being,
Erica & Stephen

P.S. We will continue to fill orders based on current inventory. Any recurring orders will simply be discontinued. And, all referral rewards payments will be made once the last order is fulfilled.