What is ShenTrition?

Pronounced like nutrition, “shen-trish-uhn” is a powder blend of adaptogenic and tonic herbs plus greens and superfoods. As in Chinese and Ayurvedic health traditions, the cornerstone principle of ShenTrition’s formula is that life force, qi or prana is the foundation of health, healing, and growth. ShenTrition’s purpose is to promote whole health by supporting the body’s ability to adapt to day-to-day stressors, building life force and enhancing the growth of consciousness.

Adapt-o-what herbs?

The difference ShenTrition offers versus other “green drinks” is the herbal component. Often referred to as adaptogenic herbs (adaptogens for short), this family of herbs support the body’s adaptive energy, which is alternatively called life force, qi, or prana. Think of them as nature’s super, superfoods. Herbs in this class share a primary goal, to encourage allostatis or balance; when ingested, these plants help to provide a boosting and/or calming effect depending on the body’s state. In essence, they help us “adapt” better to day-to-day stressors which makes it easier to thrive and feel good.

What’s missing in ShenTrition?

Great care went into building ShenTrition with ingredients that DO NOT contain wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, gluten, grains, caffeine or exipients.

Since live bacteria require refrigeration, the formula does not have any added probiotics. Just mix the powder into kefir to enjoy those benefits.

Additionally, ShenTrition was not built to provide the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, or servings of veggies and fruits. However, many ingredients inherently offer loads of micro-nutritients. This is a tonic for the bio-energetic system.

What effects are noticed?

Typical results definitely vary. For some persons, the benefits of ShenTrition are either felt immediately and/or long term. Most consumers notice a calm lift of vitality or sense of well being and balance with short term use. With consistent use, some users note that the impact of stress is less evident, more balanced energy levels, and their sense of well being is good.

From the formulators…

ShenTrition has been a labor of love, and we consider that the most important ingredient! Our intention is to help raise the consciousness of humanity by offering the highest quality products (and Shen Life services). We built ShenTrition to encourage just that!

Actually, ShenTrition is a part of Shen Life, which is more than a company, it’s a vision for humanity to embody our next level of potential by integrating Shen into every aspect of Life.

Live the vision. Reach for it!

~Stephen and Erica

ShenTrition At A Glance

Vegan! 100% All Natural & 60% Organic Formula!

Blends philosophies of Classical Chinese Health Practices and Modern Nutrition! Created by a physician for results!

Manufacturing lab completely GMP Compliant and Certified! Sourced from choice warehouses that are cGMP compliant!

It tastes fine in water…excellent in kefir, smoothies, and plant milk!

One size container = 30 servings total.