“This unique combination of superfoods provides the support to multiple systems of the body: overall energy and stamina that is a result of all systems working together harmoniously, digestive function, and immune strength and adaptation, which is primarily an adrenal function.“
~ Dr. Therse Walsh Van Kuren, True Chi

“We love ShenTrition. Its a great product!”
~ Dr. Pat Cole, The Bridge Medical Center

“When looking for a shot of quality ingredients, I reach for ShenTrition. The solid protein source, high quality superfoods and adaptogenic herbs give me the jolt I need to keep going.”
~ Dr. Matt Schlechten, ND, Rocky Mountain Natural Medicine
“I think this product [ShenTrition] is unique in that it combines Chinese herbs, and other nutrients in a protein drink that is delicious!”
~ Barbara Bayer, Lac, Helena MT

“ShenTrition is a hit. My patients notice greater improvements in their energy levels!”
~ Dr. Tim Binder, ND, DC

“I feel more even on an energetic level. On a scale of 1-10, I can maintain a good 8 throughout the day.”
~Dr. Joanne Gordon, ND, PT

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