The Shen Life Team appreciates your support and greatly depends on your enthusiastic recommendations of our products and educational information to your friends and family. And as a show of our gratitude, we thought what better way to do so than say thanks with a check.

We’re offerring the Referral Rewards Affiliate Program. After signing up for the Referral Rewards Program and you refer others to our website, you’ll receive a commission from any products they purchase. Use your Referral Rewards to buy more Shen Life products, pay some bills or get that special item you’ve been wanting. Whatever it may be, we want to help you attain your goals, since you’ve helped us attain ours. Read below for details.

Join Our Referral Rewards Affiliate Program


So here’s how it works.

We’ve taken the appeal of network marketing – the payday – and flushed out the nonsense. When anyone buys a product from the Shen Life Store by either following one of the marketing tools from your affiliate area or they simply mention your name in the referral field, then that purchase is credited to you. At which point, you get 10% commission of the total sale. (FYI, you will not be able to count your personal orders as a part of your commisions.) Now, if that person wants to benefit from the Referral Program, they must enroll too. Then they get the Referral Rewards Payday.

It’s just 1 tier: 10%. And your done. Paid on the 20th of the month with either check or via Paypal.

Check Your Referral Rewards


Alright. After you’re signed up. Login to the affiliate area. There are a few places to visit: “Links and Tools,” “Summary Report,” “My Profile” and more. These areas are explained in your welcome email, but are basically where you check that your information is correct, what custom url to send to your friends that identifies you, and a summary of the referrals you’ve generated. The important part to get started is to copy your custom url and send it in an email, put it on your facebook or myspace page or list it on your business’ web page. Even if folks just mention your name in the referral field, you’ll get the credit and commission.

That’s it really. Just help spread the word and benefit with Referral Rewards.

Be aware that once payments accumulate over $600, then a 1099 will be issued and your social security number will be requested.

In addition, we’ll be taking a portion of the revenue generated and making charitable contributions to organizations working to maintain freedom for Americans. We’ll keep you posted on which organizations you’re also helping our.

Thanks again for spreading the word.

To our mutual success!